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Fire-Babe: Or dev....he's an admin there too. and we'll probably be there Sunday night too, stupid chat Apr 7, 2018 20:04:41 GMT -5
Fire-Babe: Chat still being a jerk. Wrestlemania chat is now Punshouse chat, see post in "about the boards" Apr 9, 2018 19:16:36 GMT -5
Road Warrior Shark: I am sadly missing a wrestling draft. Someone kick me on FB or something when it is time to vote and I will do so. Apr 21, 2018 21:24:58 GMT -5
Sportsguy: I do believe this might be the first draft ever that Tully's gone to someone other than you or I. Apr 21, 2018 23:54:21 GMT -5
DevSop: Wrestling chat is now Discord chat. Message me on Facebook and I will get you the invite. Apr 25, 2018 17:09:18 GMT -5
Matte: hey peeps, I'm doing an entrance theme showdown at OO if you're interested in checking it out. first subforum in the retro section. Jul 9, 2018 10:49:52 GMT -5
Leo: Looking for teams for fictional character wrestling draft. Go over to Showdown Central to sign up. Sept 20, 2018 11:26:55 GMT -5
Sportsguy: Go to Showdown Central and sign up for the TV Show Pitch Draft. Nov 3, 2018 9:03:14 GMT -5
Moosehead Jack : I have no idea if anyone reads this anymore, Mayhem should be up soon, waiting on one match. I had to tell you on here cause I got a 24 hour ban from FB because of a little slimy piece of shit troll that reported one of my posts Nov 14, 2018 21:24:01 GMT -5
Sportsguy: Polls are up, go vote people. Nov 30, 2018 21:17:16 GMT -5
Sportsguy: And now the semi final polls are up. Dec 3, 2018 18:15:28 GMT -5
Fire-Babe: 2019 Dead Pool sign ups!! Due by 12/31 midnight! Dec 18, 2018 13:59:25 GMT -5
Sportsguy: We doing a Rumble chat tonight? If so, when and where? Jan 27, 2019 12:06:21 GMT -5
Leo: Go to Showdown Central and join the all-time sketch/variety show cast draft. Draft eight regular cast members and two guest stars for your all-time best sketch/variety program. Mar 6, 2019 14:28:15 GMT -5
Road Warrior Shark: Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice. Apr 18, 2019 20:23:25 GMT -5
Leo: Go to Showdown Central right now and sign up for the Anything Goes Take Whomever Wrestling Draft. It's what you always wanted! Aug 1, 2019 17:02:13 GMT -5
Leo: Looking for at least two more for the Anything Goes Takes Whomever Wrestling Draft. Try to signup by Monday if interested on thread in Showdown Central. Aug 9, 2019 10:40:14 GMT -5
Leo: Anything Goes Wrestling Draft up and running. If you signed up, please check your draft order. Aug 12, 2019 12:43:51 GMT -5
Matte: OO Wrestling Draft signups are open, if you're interested! Nov 17, 2019 23:44:32 GMT -5
Matte: in fire's absence, I'm going to try to run the Dead Pool for 2020. you can join here or at OO (I'm going to cross-post results). Dec 26, 2019 23:30:35 GMT -5
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